Thursday, August 18, 2022 Article on Researching Foreign and International Current Events

Marcelo Rodríguez, the Foreign, Comparative and International Law Librarian at the University of Arizona Law School in Tucson, Arizona, has published a post on entitled Researching Foreign and International Current Events that describes how he created a monthly series on how to find relevant sources on rapidly evolving events in a foreign country or internationally:

"In this monthly series, I strive to give readers a summary with all the known and relevant information on what’s currently happening, some analysis from experts, and most importantly for the researchers, I also include at least three academic articles which help connect the situation on the ground to larger conversations and trends (...)"

"In this post, I will mention a few crucial steps that I take in order to come up with a successful research strategy. Similarly to what I do in my legal research classes, I’m not going to enumerate a list of websites and hope the researcher finds their way. If you do that, a lot of the time, they’re left with websites which are not updated, don’t work or with a list of broken links taking you nowhere. Therefore, I will talk briefly about the initial steps I take when building a research strategy that has worked for me and also the limitations to this type of research requests that we should all be aware of."

His series is called Through the FCIL Lens.

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