Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Public Safety Canada Report on Resolution of Victim Complaints

Public Safety Canada has published a report evaluating the resolution of victim complaints to a number of federal law enforcement and justice system bodies. 

The Public Safety Canada Portfolio Report (2020-2021): Victim Complaint Resolution Mechanisms looks at how complaints were handled involving the Canada Border Services Agency, the Correctional Service of Canada, the Parole Board of Canada, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police:

"The Canadian Victims Bill of Rights (CVBR) was enshrined in law in July 2015, which identified four statutory rights for victims of crime in the criminal justice system (CJS):

  • right to information,
  • right to participation,
  • right to protection, and
  • right to seek restitution."

"To ensure these rights are upheld, a federal complaint resolution mechanism was established as a remedy to alleged infringements of victims’ rights and to take corrective action. Victims of crime may file a complaint if they are of the opinion that their rights have been infringed or denied by a federal department or agency during their interaction with the Canadian CJS. Public Safety Canada (PS) and its Portfolio agencies continue to implement the CVBR with the aim to improve victims’ experience with the CJS."

"This report summarizes complaints received and responded to by the PS Portfolio agencies within the 2020-2021 fiscal year. This report also includes how the complaints were resolved, any improvements that were made to the complaint process by each agency, data from previous fiscal years for comparison purposes and reports on actions taken to address concerns raised by victims."

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