Monday, January 23, 2023

Australian Law Reform Commission on User-Friendly Legislation

The Australian Law Reform Commission has published an article on User-friendly legislation: Why we need it, and how to achieve it:

"In our view, the design, drafting, and publication of legislation in Australia needs a fundamental re-think based on ‘user-experience’. This would promote legislation that is more coherent, navigable, and which communicates its message as simply and clearly as possible."

"After discussing the need for user-friendly legislation, this article outlines three potential means by which this could be achieved: 

  • first, by drafting legislation that is simpler and more intuitive in its expression and structure;
  • second, by helping users of legislation navigate and comprehend it by providing ‘knowledge tools’; and
  • third, by improving the law-making process generally, including by soliciting and integrating user feedback, and through undertaking more regular reviews."



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