Tuesday, January 03, 2023

Winners of 2022 Canadian Law Blog Awards

The winners of the 2022 Canadian Law Blog Awards (known as the Clawbies) were announced a few days ago.

The Clawbies exist to reward the best and most innovative Canadian blogs, podcasts, videos, legal newsletters, and other forms of online commentary.

The Fodden Award for the very best in Canadian legal commentary went to the The Trauma-Informed Lawyer Podcast:

"We’re hard-pressed to name a legal publication that focuses on more important and pressing issues in 2022 as Métis-Cree lawyer Myrna McCallum’s Trauma-Informed Lawyer Podcast."

"Having won Clawbies in the Best Podcast category in both 2020 and 2021, the Trauma-Informed Lawyer features fascinating interviews with judges and lawyers, profs and educators, survivors and community leaders, experts and everyday people."

"In 2022, the podcast tackled topics such as restorative justice, boundary-setting and mental health, vicarious trauma in the courtroom, trauma-informed teaching, decolonization, and much more. Powerful, frank discussions carry out the podcast’s mission to build critical competencies that are missing from law school and bar course competency requirements. Transcripts for most episodes also increase accessibility."

There are awards in many categories.

The Clawbies are organized by Stem Legal, a B.C.-based strategy firm.

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