Wednesday, February 01, 2023

CanLII Publishes New Open Access Criminal Law E-Book

The Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII) has published a new open access e-book about Criminal Law.

From the introduction:

"We hope that this ebook will be an invaluable resource to lawyers, legal professionals, the courts, law students, academics, librarians, legal non-profits, and all those who need access to information about criminal law for generations to come."

"The CanLII Criminal Law Ebook is written by a team of 67 writers who include leading litigators and experts in criminal law. This project would not have been possible if it were not their time, energy, and expertise."

"This first edition consists of 10 parts broken down into 88 chapters, each focusing on different areas of criminal law: Detention and Arrest, Search and Seizure, Statements, Information and Indictments, Bail, Disclosure, Trial Procedure, Defences, Sentencing, and Appeals. Each chapter contains references and links to relevant cases and content."

"This resource is a collaborative and continuous work in progress. We aim to keep it updated on a biennial basis."

The publication is the latest in a series of collective open access books by CanLII:


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