Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Geek in Review Podcast Interview with Colin Lachance on AI

The most recent episode of the Geek in Review Podcast by US law librarian Greg Lambert is available.

Lambert is a former president of the American Association of Law Libraries.

The podcast features a discussion with Colin Lachance from legal tech company Jurisage which is launching a new AI tool to synthesize and read cases:

"Jurisage’s tool, MyJr (pronounced “My Junior”) is part of a joint venture between Jurisage and AltaML, and is designed to change how researchers access information by allowing the AI tool to synthesis and read cases as the researchers search and analyze the information. Rather than opening up web browser tab after tab and scanning cited cases for relevant information, the idea behind MyJr is to have it quickly answer that information for you. If you need to know what the relevant arguments are from each side in Smith v. Jones, as MyJr to pass that along to you. Ask it a plain language question, get a quick and plain language answer."

"Lachance is working to use the GPT 3.5 tool to pass along cases and create what he calls “guardrails” with the cases so that the prompt and the results limit themselves to the case itself. This protects the researcher from the AI “creating” the answer from all the non-relevant information it has collected in its large language model of machine learning. Lachance has additional goals for using AI within Jurisage’s data, but he’s focused tools like MyJr establishing trust with those using it for researching Canadian, and soon US caselaw."

Lachance has been the Founder and CEO of Compass, the former General Manager for North America of global legal publisher, vLex, and the former President and CEO of the Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII).

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