Sunday, February 19, 2023

Internet Archive Canada Survey about Access to Canadian Government Information

Internet Archive Canada, along with various Canadian partners, is involved in an initiative designed to provide free, open and sustainable online access to the full range of government research, data and publications necessary for a continued and sound democracy.

There is more background information about the project on the Internet Archive Canada website.

Partners include the Canadian Research Knowledge Network, Library and Archives Canada, and the University of Toronto.

As part of the initiative, the Archive has developed a survey to gather thoughts on the "possible solutions to the gaps that exist and set priorities":

"These questions are a first step that will assist us to:
-create an inventory of current projects and initiatives and digital collections focusing on Canadian government information
-determine gaps in the government information that is currently available and adequately preserved for perpetual access
-identify possible solutions and establish priorities for what needs to happen and when
-gather stories that illustrate the impact of the lack of access to government information
identify specialists, practitioners and communities who can provide advice and assistance."

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