Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Great Library at the Law Society of Ontario Blog Post on Finding Orders in Council

Know How, the blog of the Great Library at the Law Society of Ontario, has a new post explaining the different ways of Finding Federal Orders in Council:

"Sourcing Orders in Council is rarely a straightforward task. Often researchers will experience frustrating hiccups in their search as they are faced with where to find unpublished Orders, as well as the inconsistent indexing standards of the past."

"This blog post will attempt to provide a checklist for where to look in the (sometimes) nebulous world of searching for Orders in Council."

"Generally, the Orders in Council1 that researchers encounter take the form of regulations which are systematically published in the Canada Gazette. However, Orders in Council address a wide range of administrative and legislative matters and are, for the most part, unpublished."

Take it from me: finding these documents is often hard work. The tips from the Great Library are very welcome. 

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