Thursday, November 30, 2023

Most Recent Issue of the Canadian Law Library Review

The most recent issue of the Canadian Law Library Review (CLLR) is available online.

The CLLR is the official journal of the Canadian Association of Law Libraries (CALL). It is an open access publication.

Check out the features article:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property: AI-Driven Drug Discovery and the Challenges It Poses  to the Canadian Patent System (starts on p. 9): "Artificial Intelligence is emerging as a general-purpose technology with widespread applications. In particular, AI driven drug discovery is becoming increasingly prevalent as high costs and attrition rates associated with developing new drugs pose significant challenges to the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Brand-name pharma companies have adopted machine learning platforms for target identification and lead molecule development to aid in novel drug design. The rapid development of these AI-based solutions, however, raises fundamental intellectual property questions and may require a re-evaluation of Canada’s current patent system. This paper outlines the challenges associated with inventorship and patentability in AI-driven drug discovery and, in doing so, investigates whether Canadian patent law should be reformed to accommodate this rapidly emerging technology"

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