Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Recent Library of Parliament Legislative Summaries

The Library of Parliament in Ottawa has recently published a number of legislative summaries of important federal bills.

Among them are:

  • Legislative Summary of Bill C-56: An Act to amend the Excise Tax Act and the Competition Act: "Bill C-56, An Act to amend the Excise Tax Act and the Competition Act (short title: Affordable Housing and Groceries Act), was introduced in the House of Commons on 21 September 2023 by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and received first reading that same day. The bill was passed by both chambers of Parliament after being amended in the House of Commons, and it received Royal Assent on 15 December 2023. Bill C-56 has two parts: Part 1 amends the Excise Tax Act (ETA) to temporarily enhance the Goods and Services Tax (GST) new residential rental property rebate in respect of new purpose-built rental housing. Part 2 amends the Competition Act to promote competition, particularly in the grocery sector. This legislative summary provides a brief description of the key amendments contained in Bill C-56."
  • Legislative Summary of Bill C-48: An Act to amend the Criminal Code (bail reform): "Bill C-48 makes changes to Canada’s Criminal Code ... provisions concerning judicial interim release, also known as bail. It adds to existing “reverse onus” provisions that shift the prosecutor’s burden of demonstrating why an accused person should be held in detention pending trial onto the accused, who instead must demonstrate to the judge or justice of the peace that there is no reason warranting their detention. These amendments are in response to concerns raised by various stakeholders about crimes being committed by repeat violent offenders, in particular those who use firearms. These reverse onus amendments apply to accused persons who were previously convicted of a violent offence and are subsequently charged with violent offences or offences involving firearms, knives, bear spray or other weapons. The bill also proposes changes to address the risks posed by intimate partner violence, particularly when committed by repeat offenders. It adds considerations a justice must take into account during bail decisions regarding community safety and security concerns."
  • Legislative Summary of Bill S-15: An Act to amend the Criminal Code and the Wild Animal and Plant Protection and Regulation of International and Interprovincial Trade Act: "The bill creates various Criminal Code offences in relation to elephants and great apes, including: possessing, breeding or impregnating elephants or great apes in captivity; possessing an elephant or great ape that is kept in captivity and failing to take reasonable measures to prevent natural breeding; and participating in any activities that involve elephants or great apes kept in captivity being used for entertainment purposes."

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