Monday, April 01, 2024

Association of Research Libraries Report on Evolving AI Strategies in US and Canadian University Libraries

The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) has published a new report on Evolving AI Strategies in Libraries: Insights from Two Polls of ARL Member Representatives over Nine Months.

The ARL is an organization of more than 100 research libraries at major universities in Canada and the United States.

Close to half the member institutions completed the surveys conducted by the Association. A first survey was conducted in April 2023 and a second one in December 2023.

"The survey was designed to elicit both structured and open-ended responses, allowing members to share their perspectives on key aspects concerning AI in libraries (...) The primary areas of focus include their views on the potential impact of AI on library services, the extent of current AI exploration and implementation within their libraries, and the identification of potential AI applications that they find most relevant. The survey instrument did not change significantly between the April and December survey periods. We did add a few answer choices to reflect new uses of AI in library infrastructure and services. Overall, this methodological approach offers a nuanced understanding of the research libraries’ views, enabling a comprehensive analysis of their attitudes, strategies, and anticipations regarding AI integration in the library environment."

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