Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Creative 404 Error Pages of US Government Agency Websites

 FedScoop, a US site that covers technology in government, published an article 404 page: the error sites of federal agencies that looks at a few creative ways that public agencies South of the border have adopted to indicate an error on their webpages:

"404 pages are what appear when a server cannot locate a website or resource at a specific URL. Hitting a 404 could be due to a number of reasons: a spelling error in the URL, the page may not exist anymore, or the server moved a page without having the link redirect. As a result of the error, many different entities with websites — such as state and local governments — have had a stroke of creative genius to make users aware of an issue while also having a bit of fun — which rings true for some federal agencies as well (...)"

"Currently, the park service’s site [National Park Service] has a revolving 404 page that showcases several different nature-themed images, with puns or quotes alongside information on how to get back on the right track for whatever online adventure a visitor seeks."

My favourite error page is from NASA's website where the message reads in part: "404 The cosmic object you were looking for has disappeared beyond the event horizon".


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