Tuesday, April 16, 2024

New Canadian Human Rights Commission Documents on Workplace Harassment

The Government of Canada's Weekly Acquisitions List can be a great way to discover new research reports published by various public bodies and agencies of the federal government. 

It is a record of all publications catalogued in the previous week.

The most recent list includes 2 documents from the Canadian Human Rights Commission on the prevention of workplace harassment and violence:

  • Preventing and addressing workplace harassment and violence : a guide for federally regulated employers: "The purpose of this guide is to help federally regulated employers develop a human rights-based approach to preventing and addressing workplace harassment and violence, and to meet their obligations under the Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA) and the Canada Labour Code (Code). The information in this guide is intended to help federally regulated employers understand their responsibilities in creating and maintaining work environments free from  workplace harassment and violence. That said, employers should also consult the CHRA, the Code, the Work Place Harassment and Violence Prevention Regulations (Regulations), and any applicable collective agreement to ensure that they are meeting all of their related legal obligations."
  • Human rights-based approach to workplace investigations: "Workplace harassment and violence create systemic barriers to equality in employment. They can cause significant and long-lasting psychological, emotional, and physical harm to those involved. They can profoundly impact a person’s dignity and negatively affect their ability to earn a living, to feel safe and secure, and to meaningfully take part in society. Unaddressed, workplace harassment and violence can decrease productivity and morale, and lead to increased turnover, absenteeism, and health care costs. Workplace investigations are an important way an employer can prevent and resolve issues of workplace harassment and violence. This guide will help federally regulated employers learn more about what is required to conduct workplace investigations in a way that respects people’s human rights and promotes a healthy and inclusive workplace."

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