Thursday, June 06, 2024

Recent Library of Parliament Documents

The Library of Parliament in Ottawa has recently published a number of legislative summaries of important federal bills as well as other documents.

Among them are:

  • Gender-based Analysis Plus in Canada: "The Government of Canada uses GBA Plus [Gender-based Analysis Plus ] to assess the impact of legislation, policies, programs and budgetary measures on diverse groups of women, men and gender-diverse people in an effort to reduce inequalities. The “Plus” in GBA Plus includes a range of identity factors – such as age, disability, education, language, sexual orientation, culture, geography, ethnicity, Indigenous identity, religion, social class and income – that overlap in an intersectional way. The “Plus” is thus aligned with the concept of intersectionality introduced in 1989 by Kimberlé Crenshaw, which makes it possible to include multiple intersecting identity factors beyond gender in the analysis of what shapes people’s experiences."
  • Scrutiny of Regulations: 50 Years in Review: "Parliament can delegate the authority to make regulations to a person or body specified in an Act. This authority might be given because regulations can be made more quickly than legislation or because Parliament might not have the expertise to legislate technical rules. This authority is usually delegated by way of enabling provisions in legislation that permit ministers, departments, agencies and other authorities to make rules on Parliament’s behalf. The committee’s powers derive from both statutory and sessional orders of reference which make it the committee’s mandate to ensure that this delegated authority is exercised lawfully and appropriately. The committee’s work begins after a regulation has been published in its final form in Part II of the Canada Gazette."
  • Legislative Summary of Bill C-20: An Act establishing the Public Complaints and Review Commission and amending certain Acts and statutory instruments: "Bill C-20 establishes the independent Public Complaints and Review Commission (the Commission) to review and investigate complaints against employees of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). The Commission replaces the existing Civilian Review and Complaints Commission (CRCC) which reviews complaints against the RCMP. Currently, no oversight authority is responsible for reviewing complaints against the CBSA."
  • Legislative Summary of Bill C-65: An Act to amend the Canada Elections Act: "The bill amends the Canada Elections Act (CEA) to accomplish several distinct legislative objectives, including: providing for two additional days of advance polling; moving the next fixed election date; regulating voting at long-term care institutions; updating the process for voting by mail (special ballot); regulating voting at post-secondary educational institutions; amending the requirements relating to political parties’ policies for the protection of personal information; amending or creating new prohibitions pertaining to the electoral process; amending the regime applicable to third-party financing; granting new powers to the Commissioner of Canada Elections (CCE); and requiring the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) to report to Parliament on potential changes to the electoral process."

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