Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Update to CanLII Ebook on Tort Law

CanLII, the Canadian Legal Information Institute, has published an updated version of its free-book Tort Law: Cases and Commentaries.

According to a post on the CanLII blog:

"Originally published on CanLII in September 2021, Tort Law: Cases and Commentaries is an open access casebook designed for use in Canadian common law torts courses."

 "A summary of the changes to this latest version of the casebook are as follows:

    • Major content restructure and addition of over 1,000 reflection questions on the readings;
    • New chapter on the various torts related to dishonesty and abuse of position;
    • Addition of important recent case law from around the common law world, addressing:
      • Intentional and dignitary torts (...)
      • Negligence (...)
      • Private and public nuisance (...)
      • Business torts (...)
      • Vicarious liability and strict liability (...)
      • Defences of lawful authority and illegality (...)
      • No-fault compensation systems (...)"

CanLII is a portal funded by Canada’s provincial and territorial law societies to make legal information content (court judgments, tribunal decisions, statutes and regulations, commentary) available to Canadians free of charge.

In recent years, it has been rapidly expanding its offerings of legal commentary, including law reviews, reports, newsletters and thousands of case commentaries.

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