Thursday, August 11, 2005

Ahead of the Digital Wave Seminar in Ottawa - September 2005

The Council of Federal Libraries is hosting a seminar on Sept 14 at the Ottawa Congress Centre on the transformation in service delivery and in skills required to stay ahead in a world of digital information.

From the announcement:

"How has the electronic work environment influenced the ways we collaborate and build information infrastructures within existing legal and institutional frameworks? What do we need to know about the technical infrastructure in order to communicate effectively with one another? How are we going to keep up with changes in information technology so that we can serve our users better and meet their expectations?"

The afternoon panel will be hosted by Steven Cohen of Library Stuff fame and will address digital rights management, with a look at digital repositories, copyright, open access and digital licensing. The panelists are Virginia Jones from Access Copyright, Ross Gordon from the Council of Federal Libraries and Russell McOrmond from Digital Copyright Canada.

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