Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tracking Consultations On Proposed Federal Regulations

As part of its official Regulatory Policy, the federal government must consult interested groups before regulations are passed.

Proposed regulations are "pre-published" in Part I of the Canada Gazette to allow stakeholders time to comment before the final version is enacted and published in Part II.

The Canada Gazette website offers a list of current consultations about proposed regulations.

For each proposal, one can find the proposed regulatory text as well as the official "regulatory impact analysis statement", or RIAS, prepared by the sponsoring agency.

The RIAS can be quite interesting as it may contain the official reasoning behind the regulatory proposal, the examination of any possible alternatives as well as an analysis of costs and benefits of various options for government action. Are you thinking "legislative history on a silver platter"? So am I.

The federal government also maintains a Consulting with Canadians website that allows visitors to search for current consultations by title, subject or department.

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