Tuesday, March 06, 2007

JURIST 10th Anniversary Conference

JURIST, the legal news and commentary website based out of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, is celebrating its 10th anniversary by holding a conference called Law as a Seamless WebSite on March 29th.

It is attracting some very high profile panelists, including terrorism suspect defence lawyers, UN war crimes prosecutors, top legal affairs correspondents and many prominent law profs:
"The rights of Guantanamo detainees. The trial and execution of Saddam Hussein. The constitutionality of NSA surveillance. Immigration reform".

"These are some of the legal issues that shape public policy debate and define our world. They are the stories that eventually will form history. But even as they unfold, they are being reported in new ways that bear little resemblance to legal reporting as it was practiced just a decade ago. Technology and the Internet have ushered in a new era of information accessibility and immediacy for millions of people around the world, presenting both new opportunities and challenges for understanding the legal issues that affect our lives".

"JURIST ... has been one of the key architects of this new legal reporting, changing how legal news is presented and understood every day".

"In celebration of JURIST’s 10th anniversary, the University of Pittsburgh School of Law joins JURIST in presenting a provocative conference exploring issues at the intersections of law, war, rights and social justice that have figured prominently in JURIST’s coverage in recent years, while also taking an insightful look at how the media have been reporting legal news and how the Internet and technology are changing the conversation".
I am sure JURIST will be posting the presentations from the conference.

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