Monday, March 30, 2009

Law Librarians Do Not Twitter According to Survey

According to a recent informal survey conducted by Law Librarian Blog, law librarians have not adopted Twitter, the micro-blogging communications tool:
"My personal opinion is that the use (or the perceived use) of RSS feeds by patrons trumps Twitter and the job at hand for law librarians is to identify and communicate to library patrons helpful feeds including, I guess, Twitter sources instead of alerting patrons to news and developments in 140 characters or less. For law library/librarian communications, I find Twitter to be a harmless web communications sideshow. Perhaps that's all Twitter was intended to be."

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posted by Michel-Adrien at 1:30 pm


Anonymous Doug Cornelius said...

it seems like a wasted opportunity. Twitter would seem to be an excellent way for the library to receive questions and answer questions. I have seen IM and email used to ask and answer questions. But the answers are not shared. Answering the question on twitter open the answers up to a larger audience.

2:02 pm  

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