Saturday, March 06, 2010

Innovative Job Hunting Strategy: Become A Supreme Court Blogger

On Real Lawyers Have Blogs, Kevin O'Keefe wrote earlier this week about Georgetown law student Mike Sacks's strategy for finding a job as a lawyer:
"The third-year writes First One @ One First, chronicling his attempt to be the first one in line to hear all major arguments before the Supreme Court [of the United States] this term (...)"

"Bigger than winning the prime spot in line, of course, is Mike's desire to leverage 'stunt journalism' into broader recognition for his writing portfolio on the blog. Alongside the photos snapped on his phone while waiting, he provides analysis of the cases and why they matter, interviews with the other attendees, and links to other relevant articles and blog posts on these cases."
His job search strategy may seem a little obsessive. But it certainly is original and he has my vote.

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