Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Law Commission of England Report on Administrative Redress: Public Bodies and the Citizen

The Law Commission of England published a report last week entitled Administrative Redress: Public Bodies and the Citizen.

The report examines when and how an individual should be able to obtain redress against
a public body that has acted wrongfully.

According to the press release:
"In examining court-based remedies, the Commission concludes that there are good arguments for reform but, given the level of opposition to its earlier proposals and the absence of available data on the costs of compensation paid by public bodies, work will not be taken forward on reviewing this area of the law. The report does, however, recommend that government should establish a process for collecting and publishing information on the cost of public compensation."

"The Commission is taking forward its review of the public sector ombudsmen, following a favourable response to its proposals. The scope of the review will be extended and include suggestions for:
  • improving citizens’ access to the public sector ombudsmen, and
  • increasing the powers of ombudsmen to refer points of law to the courts."
"The Commission will consult on its proposals for reform of public sector ombudsmen later in 2010 and expects to make final recommendations to government the following year."

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