Thursday, January 03, 2013

2012 CLawBies – Canadian Law Blog Awards

The 7th Annual Canadian Law Blog Awards (or Clawbies) were "handed out" on New Year's Eve:
"In its first year, the Clawbies had the not-terribly-difficult task of choosing among exactly 43 Canadian law blogs. This year, that number has increased nearly tenfold: there are now more than 400 Canadian law blogs to be found on the internet."

"This astonishing growth rate is a testament to the legal profession’s embrace of online self-publishing and all the benefits it delivers. But it also has made the Clawbies a far more challenging undertaking than it used to be. Not only has the quantity of Canadian law blogs increased, but so has the quality: of writing, of coverage, of frequency and of voice."
There are categories for:
  • Best Canadian Law Blog
  • Best Practitioner Blogs
  • Legal Culture Award
  • Non-Legal Audience Blog
  • Friend of the North Award (US / UK blog that discusses Canada from time to time)
  • EuroCan Connection Award
  • Legal News
  • Best Practice Management Blog
  • Law Library Blog
  • Legal Technology
  • Practice Group Blog
  • Best New Blogs
  • Best Law School/Law Professor Blog

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