Thursday, October 16, 2014

CLA Government Library Network Interviews With Government Info Librarians

For the past few months, the CLA Government Library and Information Management Professionals Network, part of the Canadian Library Association (CLA), has been publishing 13 Questions With..., a series on its website that profiles a member of the Canadian library and IM community every week.

In celebration of Government Information Day taking place today at the University of Ottawa, the Network has presented three profiles this week:
The Wakaruk profile also includes an answer to the question "What should every information professional know about gov docs?":
  1. Access to government information is the foundation of a functioning democracy and underpins informed citizen engagement.
  2. Government information has enduring value. Don’t waste precious time re-questioning this fact and do your librarianly duties.
  3. Government information is precarious and requires stewardship.
  4. Government publications and documents are different than most books, journals, and content born on the Internet.

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