Monday, June 08, 2015

Texas Supreme Court Judge Named State 'Tweeter Laureate'

They do things differently down there.

According to an article from the Associated Press, Don Willett, a judge of the Texas Supreme Court, was named Twetter Laureate by the Texas Legislature, something like Poet Laureate I presume, but not as long-winded.

"Willett humors his more than 17,000 followers with 140 characters about Texas pride, life with his children — whom he dubs the 'wee Willetts' — and the occasional law lesson. Often, tweets contain eye-roll-worthy memes, Dad jokes and puns."

"Instructions to judges on how to use social media are still being formulated, as the technology is still relatively new to the judiciary branch. But Willett embraced the communication tool early, garnering plenty of media attention and topping many 'must-follow' lists (...)"

"Typically, judges avoid revealing their opinions other than published, in-court ones. And rules regarding social media have only just begun to come out, such as last year, when the American Bar Association issued a formal opinion recognizing social media as 'a valuable tool for public outreach'."

"The Texas Code on Judicial Conduct instructs judges to observe high standards of conduct and avoid extracurricular activities that interfere with the proper performance of judicial duties. The state's Commission on Judicial Conduct enforces the code, which executive director Seana Willing said already includes communication rules applicable to all modes."

"But new rules will likely be adopted soon, Willing said, as the body is involved in its first appeal to the state Supreme Court over a district judge who was sanctioned for misusing Facebook."
Readers can follow Justice Willett on Twitter at @JusticeWillett.

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