Wednesday, February 07, 2018

UK Government Asks Law Commission to Look at Online Trolling

The government of the United Kingdom has asked the Law Commission to launch a review of English laws about online trolling:
"The government has asked the Law Commission to review the laws around offensive communications and assess whether they provide the right protection to victims online."
"With research showing that nearly a third of UK internet users were on the receiving end of trolling, harassment or cyberbullying last year, the independent body will provide a robust review of the current laws and set out how they apply to online communications (...)"

"The Commission will analyse:
  • How the Malicious Communications Act 1988 deals with offensive online communications 
  • How the Communications Act 2003 deals with online communications  
  • What 'grossly offensive' means and whether that poses difficulties in legal certainty  
  • Whether the law means you need to prove fault or prove intention to prosecute offensive online communications  
  • The need to update definitions in the law which technology has rendered obsolete or confused, such as the meaning of 'sender' 
  • How other parts of the criminal law overlap with online communications laws "

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