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Canadian Association of Law Libraries 2018 Conference - More Annual Reports

This is a follow-up to yesterday's post entitled Canadian Association of Law Libraries 2018 Conference Annual Reports.

The Canadian Association of Law Libraries (CALL) will be holding its 2018 annual conference this upcoming weekend in Halifax and committees and special interest groups have been submitting their annual activity reports for members to read.

Here are a few more of them:
  • Scholarships and Awards Committee:
    • The James D. Lang Memorial Scholarship is designed to support attendance at a continuing education program - The successful applicant  is Ilana Newman who will be using the award to assist with attending the New Law Librarians’ Institute 2018.
    • The Diana M. Priestly Memorial Scholarship is intended to support professional development in the field and was given to Michelle Terriss of the University of Alberta.  Ms. Terriss is currently enrolled in the MLIS program and is a Juris Doctor holder and member in good standing of the Law Society of Alberta. 
    • The Education Reserve Fund is used to award money to members to further their education in pursuits that do not fit the guidelines of already established scholarships. These could include such activities as library and/or law courses given outside Canada, study leaves and/or sabbaticals, or other educational activities. The Fund will facilitate attendance for two at the upcoming New Law Librarians’ Institute 2018.  Recipients will be announced at a later date.
    • Recipients of the Michael Silverstein Prize (for an outstanding contribution to enhancing understanding, analysis and appreciation of primary law and legal taxonomy)and the Denis Marshall Memorial Award(to recognize outstanding service to the Association AND/OR the profession of law librarianship)will be announced during the conference. 
  • KF Modified Committee:this committee oversees the development of the KF Modified classification scheme for Canadian law libraries. The committee has been working on the development of a web-based version of the KF Modified Classification as a way to securing the long term sustainability of the classification schedule and promote its use to common law libraries outside of Canada. It is also looking at the logistical implications of the CALL Board decision to make KF Modified available for free to libraries in low- and middle-income countries and in certain Canadian non-profit organizations.
  • Copyright Committee: The federal government commenced its mandatory review of the Copyright Act on December 13, 2017. The Canadian Federation of Library Associations (CFLA), of which CALL is a member, has formed a committee to be involved in the consultation process. 
  • Vendor Liaison Committee (Members only section): Semi-annual vendor calls with LexisNexis and Thomson Reuters have proven to be a productive and efficient way of bringing CALL membership’s issues to the table. The questions and concerns about vendor products and services that are voiced during the calls all come from members. The Committee has noticed that since information about the calls as well as vendor demos is hidden behind the firewall on the CALL website, some members may have problems finding them. The Committee will include better instructions on finding the material as part of its overall communications plan.
  • Hugh Lawford Award for Excellence in Legal Publishing Committee:
    This year's nominees are:
    • Alberta Law Review from the University of Alberta – the ALR is a peer-reviewed student run legal journal, providing a discussion of contemporary legal issues of interest to lawyers, scholars, judges and law students in Alberta and beyond.
    • Criminal Law Series from Emond Publishing – a collection of practical, accessible and affordable handbooks to assist criminal practitioners, judges and students. To date six titles have been published, with ten more planned.
    • The Lawyer’s Daily from Lexis Nexis Canada Inc. – provides real-time Canadian legal news, analysis and current awareness for lawyers and legal professionals.
    • vLex Canada from Compass – in partnership with Justia, Compass brings together vLex Global, along with Canadian resources including Maritime Law Book’s law reporter collection, MLB Topics categories, and selections from Irwin Law’s Essentials of Canadian Law series.
    • The winner will be announced during a reception at the conference on Monday, May 28, 2018.

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