Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Statistics Canada Article on Adult and Youth Correctional Statistics in Canada

The Statistics Canada publication Juristat last week published an article entitled Adult and youth correctional statistics in Canada, 2016/2017.

According to the article, the number of adults and youth being supervised by correctional services in Canada has fallen by almost one-fifth since 2012/2013.

It also found that the overrepresentation of Indigenous Canadians continued.

Aboriginal adults represented about 5% of the Canadian adult population in 2016/2017, while accounting for 28% of admissions to provincial/territorial correctional services and 27% of admissions for federal correctional services. In comparison, in 2006/2007, Aboriginal adults accounted for 21% of admissions to provincial and territorial correctional services and 19% to federal correctional services.

Aboriginal males accounted for 28% of male admissions to custody in the provinces and territories in 2016/2017, while Aboriginal females accounted for 43% of total female admissions to custody.

The overrepresentation also applied to Aboriginal youth. They accounted for 46% of admissions to correctional services in 2016/2017, while representing 8% of the Canadian youth population.

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