Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Strategic Planning Survey for Canadian Federation of Library Associations

The Canadian Federation of Library Association’s (CFLA) is inviting member associations as well as individuals and organizations in the larger library stakeholder community to respond to its strategic planning survey.

The Canadian Association of Law Libraries is a member of the CFLA.

From an explanation on the website
"September 2018 marks the beginning of the 3rd year of operations for CFLA-FCAB. As a result, we are embarking on our first Strategic Planning process. CFLA-FCAB was formed to provide a collective national voice for the Canadian library community both nationally and internationally and we want to make sure that voice is heard in the right arenas."

"As this is our first Strategic Planning process, we are seeking feedback from as wide of an audience as possible. It is critical that we hear from our member associations and so we are asking that each Board of our member associations provide us with a collective response on behalf of your association and the role of CFLA-FCAB in that relationship."

"In addition, we are also seeking input from individuals, organizations, and the larger library stakeholder community. We are asking that you please share this invitation to participate with your members and other stakeholders in your community that could help to inform the Federation’s Board of Directors and the work that we do."

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