Saturday, March 05, 2005

Corporate governance book more popular in Quebec than Da Vinci Code

One of Canada's best known investment experts and corporate good governance apostles, Montreal's Stephen Jarislowsky, has a book that has roared to the very top of bestseller lists in Quebec.

Barely two weeks after publication, in mid-February, his new book, Dans la jungle du placement (In the investment jungle), had surpassed the Da Vinci Code in the bestseller lists of the Renaud-Bray, Archambault, and Indigo book chains. That's pretty much the entire book retail market in La Belle Province.

The business weekly Les Affaires calls him a "national treasure", Radio-Canada refers to him as "the incorruptible" and the Montreal daily La Presse gave the book 4 and a half stars (its book ratings normally only go up to 4 stars).

Jarislowsky is one of the founders of the Canadian Coalition for Good Governance. Anyone who has had to deal with corporate law or the topic of corporate social responsibility will have heard of him and won't be surprised at the success of his book.

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