Monday, July 25, 2005

"Better Understanding Your Users" Web Forum

I just got around to exploring the web conference entitled Better Understanding Your Users that began last week.

Between July 18 and 31, 2005, the Chemistry, Physics-Astronomy-Mathematics, and Sci-Tech divisions of SLA are sponsoring an interactive web conference that features some 19 sessions, many of which were originally presented at the SLA Annual Meeting, in early June in Toronto.

Each poster presentation includes a discussion forum moderated by the author/presenter.

Discussions for the 1st week are closed now but people can still register for week 2 (free easy registration required to participate).

Many of the discussion themes are obviously science-related but there are quite a number that are of general interest:

  • Better understanding users in a research setting
  • What undergraduates do when they write research papers
  • Creating a seamless information delivery experience at Ford Motor
  • Creating the How to Get it Guide at NASA's GSFC Library
  • Use Subject Specific Blogs and RSS Feeds to Keep Up-to-date
  • Web Log Analysis and Resulting Improvements
  • Instruction: a Key to Understanding Scientists' User Behavior


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