Thursday, October 27, 2005

"Forced Migration Online": An International Refugee Portal

Forced Migration Online describes itself as "a comprehensive web site that provides access to a diverse range of relevant information resources on forced migration". Forced migration refers to issues pertaining to political refugees and people displaced by natural or environmental disasters, famine, or development projects.

The site is built out of digital collections of the Refugee Studies Centre, Oxford; the Feinstein International Famine Center, Tufts University, Boston; and the Program on Forced Migration, Columbia University, New York. It includes many other partners as well.

The subject coverage includes:
  • Causes of flight
  • Conditions in countries of origin (e.g., human rights violations, early warning, prevention, etc.)
  • Responses to forced migration situations (e.g., emergency assistance, relief programmes, legal protection/asylum, resettlement, international humanitarian law, compensation, etc.)
  • Experiences of forced migrants (e.g., adaptation, health, psychosocial issues, racism, etc.)
  • Special groups (e.g., gender issues, children, indigenous peoples, etc.)
  • Repatriation/return (e.g., post-war reconstruction, development/livelihood programmes, etc.)
  • Impact/consequences of forced migration (e.g., environmental, economic, social, etc.)
  • Organizations & actors (e.g., IGOs, NGOs, governments, aid workers, agents of persecution, etc.)

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