Monday, October 31, 2005

SirsiDynix Blog

I used to be in a Dynix workplace and we will soon be a Sirsi shop here so this caught my attention.

As a follow-up to the merger in June 2005 of the 2 well-known library automation vendors Sirsi and Dynix, a new collaborative blog called The Gordian Knot was launched last week.

It describes itself as "an independent effort [...] to try to begin bringing those users together to make their voices heard at this important time of development of the new, merged company. It’s important for customers of Sirsi products and Dynix products to get to know each other — and to get to know each other’s products and ideas — so that the future direction of the merged company can really be about taking the best qualities of its products and moving them forward in response to the needs of libraries and their patrons."
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