Sunday, February 04, 2007

Canadian Class Action Database

The Civil Litigation Section of the Canadian Bar Association has launched a National Class Action Database pilot project.

"The Database seeks to address some of the challenges for the administration of justice and effective management of judicial resources that arise from multi-jurisdictional class actions. These include uncertainty for members of the public who may be presumptively included in more than one class action and subject to conflicting court judgments, uncertainty for counsel as to the size and composition of class membership in any particular class action, and uncertainty for the judiciary as to the class members that are bound by their decisions".

"The Database will be a repository for information about the existence and status of class actions across Canada so that the public, counsel, and courts need only look to one source for this information, and without cost to them" (...)

"The database will list all class actions filed in Canada after January 1 2007 that are sent to the CBA. Once posted, a class action proceeding will remain on the database unless and until it is dismissed as a class action by the court.".

The database is voluntary. It does contain some material going back to 2003.

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