Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Upcoming Live Webcast on Screencasting

The Association of College and Research Libraries is offering a live webcast on April 26 on Getting Started with Screencasting.

The presenter will be Courtney Greene, Instruction & Online Learning Librarian at DePaul University in Chicago. Fees apply. Registration is online.

"This two hour session will explore screencasting—delivering screen captures via RSS—and its potential applications in the academic library. Participants will be provided with examples of screencasts, information on various software applications used to create screencasts, and tips for choosing content, preparing, recording and delivering a screencast".

Earlier Library Boy posts on screencasting:
  • Free Online Seminar on Screencasting (October 29, 2006): "The SirsiDynix Institute is holding a free web seminar on screencasting on November 8, 2006. Screencasting is 'a movie of your computer screen that records everything displayed on the screen as you demonstrate a procedure, along with your voice, if you wish. The recording is saved to a file for later playback'."
  • Screencasting To Create Online Library Tutorials (December 9, 2006): "On her Information Wants To Be Free blog, Meredith Farkas posted thoughts about screencasting, a technique that allows people to easily create online Flash tutorials. 'What’s so cool about it is the fact that instead of reading a list of instructions on how to use a database or some other tool, a screencast concretely shows the librarian going into the database and executing searches (...) Screencasts are all about video, but often also include audio, captions and even interactive components. You can show a user how to do a search and then have them execute a similar search before the screencast will advance'..."

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