Monday, May 21, 2007

BarfBlog - New International Food Safety Blog

Great name!

The International Food Safety Network at Kansas State University recently launched BarfBlog, which describes itself as "a central location where IFSN researchers provide rapid and brief commentary about food safety issues, post videos, powerpoint presentations and podcasts".

According to the May 11, 2007 press release about the launch:

"The geographic scope of the bloggers is currently fairly limited: they write from either Kansas or from [Network member Ben] Chapman’s home city of Guelph, Ontario. But they plan to expand their coverage, and hope to allow guest commentary from members of the food safety community at universities like UC Davis and Rutgers. In the tradition of web-savvy marketing, the IFSN is using more than just the BarfBlog to develop a reputation in the digital world".

"Beyond their four electronic newsletters, they have left their mark on high-traffic websites - initial projects included editing Wikipedia articles and starting a group on the popular social networking site Plans are also in development for a daily video series on YouTube that would spark an interest in their cause".
BarfBlog mixes the serious science and policy issues with items that are more pop culture in orientation, with categories for things like Celebrity Barf (e.g. an item about Johny Depp's daughter's E. Coli scare) and Yuck Factor (e.g. an item entitled "Don't eat poop" - hey, I do not make these things up).

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