Thursday, January 31, 2008

AZIMUT Adds Multi-Database Search Capability

AZIMUT, the Quebec-based legal search database developed by the Crown Corporation Société québécoise de l'information juridique (SOQUIJ), now offers a multi-database search capability known as Recherche Multibanques.

AZIMUT offers electronic access to case law from Quebec courts and the Supreme Court of Canada (Juris.doc collection), computerized court records from Quebec courts (Plumitifs) and the famous Baudouin Renaud annotated Civil Code of Quebec.

After selecting "Recherche Multibanques" in the Juris.doc collection, one can input search terms using the fields for full text, index terms, abstract, names of parties or judge, or file number, and launch a search throughout Juris.doc's more than 20 databases or one can limit the search to individual topics, courts or specialized tribunals, or types of material (digests or full-text), or any combination thereof.

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