Friday, February 08, 2008

Council on Library and Information Resources Report on Large-Scale Digitization Projects

The Council on Library and Information Resources in Washington has just released a report entitled Preservation in the Age of Large-Scale Digitization - A White Paper:

"The paper describes four large-scale projects—Google Book Search, Microsoft Live Search Books, Open Content Alliance, and the Million Book Project—and their digitization strategies. It then discusses a range of issues affecting the stewardship of the digital collections they create: selection, quality in content creation, technical infrastructure, and organizational infrastructure. The paper also attempts to foresee the likely impacts of large-scale digitization on book collections."
The report makes 13 recommendations:
  • Reassess Digitization Requirements for Archival Images
  • Develop a Feasible Quality Control Program
  • Seek Compromise to Balance Preservation and Access Requirements
  • Enhance Access to Digitized Content
  • Understand the Impact of Contractual Restriction on Preservation Responsibilities
  • Support Shared Print-Storage Initiatives
  • Promote the Use of the DLF/OCLC Registry of Digital Masters
  • Outline a Large-Scale Digitization Initiative Archiving Action Agenda
  • Devise Policies for Designating Digital Preservation Levels
  • Capture and Share Cost Information
  • Revisit Library Priorities and Strategies
  • Shift to an Agile and Open Planning Model
  • Reenvision Collection Development for Research Libraries

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