Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Top Ten Blawgs According to Canadian Laywer Magazine

In the recent issue of the magazine Canadian Lawyer, Gerry Blackwell identifies the Luminaries of the Canadian blawgosphere.
"Here I tackle the question: which Canadian blawgs should I be reading? (...)"

"I’ve picked my top 10. They range widely in style and content, though technology and internet law inevitably dominate. Tech-savvy practitioners are more likely to blog."

"How did I choose? What makes a good blog? The blogger has to be consistent, posting at least weekly ... The writing has to be lively and the site well designed — admittedly subjective measures. Posts should not be dissertations — a common failing among some Canadian blawgers — and the blog should be focused. If it’s about family law, don’t tell us about your vacation."
I was extremely surprised to find myself in the list. Quite flattering.


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