Thursday, March 13, 2008

UN World Drug Report 2008

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) recently released its 2008 annual report covering its activities for the year 2007.

"Opium trafficking is fuelling instability in one of the world’s most dangerous regions. Afghanistan and its neighbours are trying to cope with the consequences and UNODC is there to help by providing and analysing data on opium poppy crops, facilitating regional cooperation and assisting affected countries to strengthen border management and drug control."

"Cocaine trafficking is threatening the security and sovereignty of vulnerable West African countries that are being used as a hub for drug consignments travelling between Andean producers and European consumers (...)"

"The menace of drug trafficking has caught Central America and the Caribbean in a cross-fire that is jeopardizing security and development. UNODC has studied the factors that make this region vulnerable in order to stimulate a suitable response."

"Drug addiction is killing millions of people every year and creating misery for tens of millions of others. The injection of drugs is spreading HIV and hepatitis. UNODC is urging States to put a stronger emphasis on drug prevention and treatment, and is providing technical assistance to reduce the harm that drugs pose to users and society as a whole (...) "

"Corruption is a cancer that continues to kill people’s trust in public administration and erode the common wealth built by society. UNODC is helping States prevent corruption, build integrity and recover stolen assets."

The Office produces many other publications in areas such as alternate development, corruption, human trafficking by organized crime, demand reduction strategies, drug testing, etc.

It also offers an online Legislation/Legal Library with the full text of laws and regulations promulgated by many States.

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