Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Issue of AALL Research Instruction and Patron Services Newsletter

The Spring 2008 newsletter of the Research Instruction and Patron Services Special Interest Section of AALL (American Association of Law Libraries) is available online.

2 articles caught my attention:
  • Webbed Features: RIPS Repartee Webinar Series Begins (pp.2-3): "On November 15th the RIPS-SIS presented its first webinar titled 'Technical Issues & Practical Matters: A Law Librarian Q & A on Legal Technology.' (...) Ms. Reach [Catherine Sanders Reach,director of the American Bar Association’s Legal TechnologyResource Center] provided her audience with an update on recent developments in technology related to legal research and practice...: Trends in technology usage in law firms; Social networks and their impact on the legal profession; Web-based presentation software; Advances in courtroom video, and; Web 2.0 initiatives"
  • Creating Multimedia Research and Software Tutorials with Screencasting Software (pp. 4-5): "Although the HTML tutorials remained popular with our legal writing faculty even in early 2007, Georgetown’s reference librarians had by that time concluded that the old tutorials were too 'low-tech' and too text-driven to appeal to students who have grown up using multimedia learning and entertainment tools. During the spring and summer of 2007, we therefore set out to create new tutorials that incorporate a lot more graphics, scored review questions, interactive demonstrations of online research tools, and even a few animations and sound effects."

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