Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Amnesty International Report: Repression Increases in Run-Up To Beijing Olympics

In a report released today, Amnesty International has stated that the human rights situation in China has continued to deteriorate in the weeks preceding the opening of the Summer Olympics in Beijing, despite promises by the Chinese government to improve respect for rights and freedoms.

In areas such as administrative detentions, the crackdown against activists, and Internet censorship, the situation has either not changed or become worse.

Earlier Library Boy posts on the topic:
  • China Crackdown on Human Rights Intensifying Before 2008 Olympics (April 7, 2008): "The human rights organization Amnesty International recently published a report documenting the intensifying campaign of repression by Chinese authorities before the opening of the Summer Olympic Games in Beijing later this year."
  • Beijing Olympics: Corporate Sponsors Risk Black Eye (April 23, 2008): "The international NGO Human Rights Watch recently published a report on the upcoming Beijing Summer Olympics that states that the 'corporate sponsors of the Olympics risk lasting damage to their brands if they do not live up to their professed standards of corporate social responsibility by speaking out about the deteriorating human rights situation in China'."

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posted by Michel-Adrien at 6:06 pm


Blogger vanessa said...

Library Boy, thanks for your coverage on China/the Olympics. Being from the US, I'm especially disgusted with how the west is aiding the human rights abuses in China by accepting "hush" money in the form of US corporations (with their intimate govt. connections) investing so heavily in China. Ugh. You can read nonprofit research on this subject in IssueLab's collection of research on China and the Olympics, here http://www.issuelab.org/closeup/Aug_2008

Of particular interest to people into this subject would be "Race to the Bottom: Corporate Complicity in Chinese Internet Censorship," by Human Rights Watch and,

"Unshackle the Internet: Independent Voices and the Role of Foreign Internet Companies Operating in China," by Human Rights in China.

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