Friday, July 18, 2008

LexisNexis Vs. Westlaw Survey Analysis

As part of its Legal Research Paper Series, Stanford University's Law School recently published a study entitled Law Librarians and LexisNexis vs. Westlaw: Survey Results:

"As costs for research tools, both online and paper, continue to increase, librarians are often faced with the difficult decision of what materials can and should be canceled, and what new acquisitions can be made."

"The survey, titled 'LexisNexis vs. Westlaw,' was designed to answer a few of our key questions: which database could be canceled?, what some of the effects might be from cancellation?, and what low cost or free legal research alternatives are available and recommended? (...) "

"To get a representative set of law librarian responses, we e-mailed fellow law librarians using group listservs, including (for members of the American
Association of Law Libraries), (for law library directors) and (for private firm law librarians)."

"(...) We opened the survey up for responses on April 25, 2008. We closed the survey on May 5, 2008. During the time window while the survey was open, the online survey was visited 953 times. One hundred and twenty-two respondents partially completed the survey, and there were 723 completed surveys by May 5th."

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