Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ireland Law Reform Commission Consultation on Advance Care Directives

The Law Reform Commission of Ireland has published a consultation paper on Bioethics: Advance Care Directives:
"This Consultation Paper deals with the situation where a person consciously sets out their wishes about what should happen to them in the event of an accident (such as a serious car crash) or illness (such as stroke or the onset of Alzheimer's disease) that makes it impossible for them to communicate their wishes directly. The Commission is conscious that not many people do this, just as not as many people who should make a will or take out a pension actually do it. For those who have taken the trouble to plan what should happen to them in the future (which the Commission would, of course, encourage) it is possible that the person may decide to deal with a range of issues, including their property and health care, in a single document. This document may also include the appointment of a person – often a family member – to carry out their wishes."
The document deals with issues such as refusal of treatment, do not resuscitate orders, and powers of attorney. The document does not discuss euthanasia or assisted suicide.

In a comparative perspective, the document examines the legal situation in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, Europe, and Canada.

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