Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008 CLawBies - Canadian Law Blog Awards

This year's list of Canadian Law Blog Awards has winners in 11 categories:
  • Best Canadian Law Blog: Law21
  • Best Practitioner Support: Canadian Trademark Blog
  • Legal Culture Award: Slaw
  • Non-Legal Audience: Connie Crosby
  • Friend of the North: Mary Abraham; Doug Cornelius
  • EuroCan Connection: Charon QC
  • Practice Management: David Bilinsky; Jordan Furlong
  • Law Librarian Blog: Edmonton Association of Law Libraries
  • Legal Technology: Slaw again
  • Best New Law Blog: Doorey's Workplace Law Blog; Laurie Mapp's Halo Secretarial Blog
  • Law Professor Blog: Doorey's Workplace Law Blog; The Court

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