Monday, February 16, 2009

International Conference on Plain Language

The February 2009 issue of the Journal du Barreau, the monthly publication of the Quebec Bar Association, features an overview of the 3rd international plain language conference held by the organization known as Clarity in late November 2008. The event took place in Mexico City.

Many of the conference presentations are now available online.

According to the Journal du Barreau, there were many Canadian participants:
  • Université Laval law professor Lucie Lauzière explained how the consolidation of the statutes of Quebec is seen as an ongoing opportunity to clarify legal terminology. She also described the newly created Louis-Phillippe-Pigeon chair in legal and legislative drafting at the university
  • Geneviève Fortin, associate director of Educaloi, a non-profit legal education institution in Quebec, was also on hand to share the experiences of her organization
  • Nicole-Marie Fernbach, a linguist and translator, discussed the challenges of legal clarity in Canada's bilingual environment
  • Christine Mowatt outlined a number of Canadian plain language initiatives, such as British Columbia's small claims forms and the model jury instructions proposed in 2004 by the Canadian Judicial Council
  • Communications consultant Cheryl Stevens drew attention to how plain/clear legal language can be essential in ensuring respect for citizens' constitutional rights, for example at the moment of arrest.
[Source: Journal du Barreau]

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