Wednesday, July 01, 2009

LexisNexis Report on Best Practices in U.S. Government Libraries

LexisNexis has published a report on Best Practices for Government Libraries - 2009.

It gathers together contributions from dozens of librarians in U.S. government agencies, courts, and the military, as well as from professional library association leaders.

Among the articles are:
  • Electronic Legislative Histories at the Department of Justice Libraries
  • Reports, Hearings and Debates, oh my! The Electronic Future of Legislative History at the Department of the Interior Library
  • The Library’s Training Committee Takes the Lead on Training Activity at the Department of Justice
  • Virtual Reference: Embracing the Possibilities
  • Justice Libraries See Opportunities for the Future of Reference
  • Law Librarian 2.0: Building the Law Librarian of the Future
  • Multitasking as a DOJ Law Librarian

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