Monday, February 22, 2010

Blawg Review No. 252 - Technology Run Amok!!!

Stem Legal’s Law Firm Web Strategy Blog is hosting Blawg Review no. 252, the most recent compendium of interesting stuff from the world of law-related blogs.

This review's theme is "Technology Run Amok":
"It might seem surprising that we’re less than ten years away from the bicentennial of Frankenstein, a landmark of English literature that pre-dated the Industrial Revolution but anticipated its enormous impact on society. For a story that’s nearly 200 years old, Frankenstein feels powerfully modern, in part because it expresses the trepidation and occasionally the fear humanity still feels about the things it creates. From the cotton gin to Google Buzz, we marvel at the machines we invent and congratulate ourselves for our ingenuity. But lurking at the back of our minds is a deep uneasiness over whether we’re getting too good at building things simply because we can, and whether the next invention will be the one that gets away from us — whether next time, we’ll go too far."


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