Monday, March 08, 2010

Spicing Up Supreme Court of Canada Statistics

This is a follow up to the Library Boy post of February 28, 2010 entitled Supreme Court of Canada Statistics 1999-2009.

The Osgoode Hall Law School blog The Court today published Official (and Unofficial) Supreme Court Statistics, 1999-2009, a post by Ahsan Mirza.

The first section analyzes some of the numbers supplied by the Supreme Court.

The second half tries to break down some of the statistics by judge:

"Although the official Supreme Court statistics are interesting, they are silent on data associated with each judge. To 'spice up' this post on statistics, I decided to compile some data on decisions rendered in 2009 based on neutral citations (62 decisions from 2009 SCC 1 to 2009 SCC 62). "

"An obvious disclaimer is that one year’s worth of data is too small a sample size to derive any conclusions. These findings highlight only the promise that a more comprehensive statistical project could provide."

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