Monday, May 17, 2010

Market for Continuing Legal Education Expands

The May 21, 2010 issue of The Lawyers Weekly examines the expanding continuing legal education market in Canada (Continuing legal education market heats up, by Luis Millan):
"Nearly two years after mandatory professional development timidly made its first appearance in the Canadian legal landscape, educational offerings by law societies, in-house legal departments and non-profit legal organizations are seemingly proving to be a hit with lawyers, ostensibly at the expense of the private sector who have yet to make a serious dent in the marketplace."

"Widely expected to proliferate next year after Ontario joins the ranks of British Columbia, New Brunswick, Quebec and more recently Saskatchewan as the latest jurisdiction to compel practitioners to hit the books, the market for continuing legal education is rapidly evolving. Thanks to a long and flexible list of activities that meet the criteria for mandatory credit hours, ranging from participation in continuing professional development courses and study groups, to teaching, writing and mentoring, lawyers have a bevy of choice. And apparently, the majority are keeping close tabs on their pocketbook."

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