Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Principles for Designing Court Websites

Patrick Cormier has published an article on Slaw.ca on What Principles Should Guide the Design of Court Web Sites.

The article describes some of the results of a working group of the Canadian Centre for Court Technology that has been drafting guidelines for the modernization of Canadian court web sites:

"In this post I’d like to expose the principles we selected. Your comments and feedback are welcome:"

  • Principle #1: The Right Information for Specific Audiences
  • Principle #2: Empowerment
  • Principle #3: Timeliness
  • Principle #4: Notification
  • Principle #5: Content Organization & Search
  • Principle #6: Security
  • Principle #7: Bilinguism
  • Principle #8: Accessibility
  • Principle #9: Interactivity
  • Principle #10: Viability
  • Principle #11: Simplicity

"The first three principles are explained, below. The other principles will be explained in upcoming posts."

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